Book Publishing

Published books:

A Very Canny Scot: 
‘Great’ Daniel Campbell of Shawfield and Islay 
by Joanna Hill and Nicholas BastinA_Very_Canny_Scot.html
Festival Icons 
of the Orthodox Church
by Margaret Morris ClarkeFestival_Icons.html
Dursley: A Study of a small town at war 1914-1918
by David EvansDursley.html
by H.R. HenleyFulfilment.html
Intimate Letter 
and Other Stories
by Carol FitzgeraldIntimate_Letters.html
Napoleonic Prisoners of War 
in & around
Bishop’s Waltham
by Barbara BiddellNapoleonic_Prisoners_of_War.html
Ace of Hearts
by H.R. HenleyAce_of_Hearts.html