On August 5th 1914, three days after the British Government declared war on Germany, Territorial Soldiers from the small Gloucestershire town of Dursley marched off to fight, spirits high. They were followed in the following months and years by many other volunteers and conscripts. Fifty five did not return alive. Their names, and that of one woman, are recorded on the town’s War Memorial. To most people they are just that, names. Once, however, they had been living people, related by kinship or friendship to families in the town.

The year 2008 sees the ninetieth anniversary of the signing of the armistice which ended World War One – an appropriate time to reflect on the war at a local level. This book is not about battles of that war but about the people of Dursley, those who died and the experiences of those who lived through it as recorded mainly through the pages of the local newspaper – The Dursley Gazette.

The story that is unfolded was not unique to the town of Dursley. With details altered, it could be the story of many other places and as such the book is an interesting contribution to the history of ‘the war to end wars.’

The Author began his working life as a RADAR instructor at RAF Yatesbury in Wiltshire. Then followed thirty years of teaching science in schools in Chippenham and Dursley. He took early retirement in 1989. This gave him time to pursue his life long interest in local history which began in Enfield when, as a small boy, he was spell bound by gruesome tales of the activities of Judge Jefferies in nearby Salisbury House! He has published a number of articles and books on local history and with his partner enjoys music, gardens and gardening, and history in general


A study of a small town at war


by David Evans

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Publisher: Two Plus George Ltd (2008)

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