Roundwood Timber Framing

by Ben Law

Hardcover: 126 pages

Publisher: Permanent Publications (2010)

Language English

ISBN-13: 978-1-85623-041-4

RRP: £19.99

“Ben’s beautiful book shows that intelligently sourced wood is ultimately the best building material we have: the most sustainable, the most versatile and easily the most pleasant to live with. By taking past traditions of roundwood timber

framing and harnessing them successfully to the rigorous demands of modern building, Ben shows that wood is one of the most vital commodities for us to build a sustainable future on this planet.”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall,

TV chef, author and campaigner

“Ben’s work is unique... He’s a 21st century woodsman, formulating a new building style based on the timber framing methods of his British ancestors, but incorporating new techniques and the realities of the present-day world. He’s created a new vernacular, one that he’s passing on to future builders via hands-on workshops and books like these.”

Lloyd Kahn, author of Shelter,

Homework and Builders of the Pacific Coast

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